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Vibrations dampener V.2 for Q-Mount PRO/MAX (pre-order)

Vibrations dampener V.2 for Q-Mount PRO/MAX (pre-order)

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Vibration dampener is on pre-order, estimated shipping date ~June 28.

Q-Mount vibrations dampener was designed to reduce high-frequency vibrations produced by your motorcycle and protect your phone’s camera and other sensitive mechanical components inside.

Never worry about damaging your phone’s camera stabilizer while riding again.

Hundreds of variations were tested until we precisely tuned the one that absorbs over 80% of high-frequency vibrations in all directions.

Road-tested for thousands of miles with diverse terrains, bikes, and phone models.

The phone remains stable, readable and with a usable touchscreen even on a 4-stroke single-cylinder motorcycle.

Protect your smartphone and ride with peace of mind.

Comes with everything you need for easy self-installation in minutes

The vibrations dampener is compatible with Q-Mount PRO, Q-Mount MAX and works with all PRO/MAX accessories.

Please note that the dampener is not compatible with Q-Mount Easy phone holder.

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